Fund Raising For School

Now here is a new approach to fundraising for schools just set up in February of 2012 as a trial idea to see if it will catch on with schools.  When I say schools it can be any school.

Schools would have to get student approval to use their essays and projects for fund raising, otherwise students themselves could also take advantage of InfoGenie and generate their own income as well.  Either way great student work won’t go unnoticed and money can be generated for a school.  As well students could create a method to save money for future tuition fees and higher learning.

So many students put together great projects and essays on all sorts of subjects as well as artwork over the course of a school year and never get rewarded for their efforts other than being graded for them. would like to change that. As well we would like to reward the student or school with money.  This is an excellent way to generate fund raising for your school.  .  We would also like to make a collection of kindergarten artwork right on up to higher grades.  University Students can also take advantage of InfoGenie and we will pay you any revenue generated directly.  Artwork will be photographed and submitted and we will need to know if the artwork is for sale with a price.  We will set up a store front for the artwork and any items sold will be 95% given to the school as a fundraiser. 

Let’s explain more how this fund raising idea works.

You submit your project / written articles and photos and we put them on our site.  Any subject is welcome that is not considered offensive.

Our site is monetized with advertising and we get income from those ads.

We give you the first year of income from your article that the advertising generates.  Every time your article is loaded up by anyone, advertising is automatically put on the side or near the top of the page.  We track every article on this site with Google analytical software so we know what articles generated what traffic and what ads were clicked on.   We can’t at this point tell you how much interest your project or article will attract but we can say the more genuine and interesting your article is the more traffic and thus the more income.   Articles on other sites we own have attracted hundreds of dollars over a year but this isn’t the norm.  It really just depends on the general public and what you write about.

After a year is over we make a check out to your school or you, for the year’s amount your article generated.

As well we will bestow the IG literary award for the best article/project in a calendar year.

Students if you have a project that you’ve put your hard time and effort into and would like to see it up on the internet, we will do that with your help.  All you need to do is go to our  teacher student submissions page and read what to do.  It is a simple process to submit your projects and essays.

Teachers if you have a project that you feel your student went over the top on and should be recognized for, all you have to do is get permission from your student to allow submission to and follow the directions on the teacher student submission page of this site.

Why not generate some easy fund raising with this new untouched method?

I would also ask all teachers who read this post to please spread the word as this is something new and could be quite substantial for your school fund raising if it catches on.

Another way you can help Infogenie to get the word out via the internet is to provide a link from your school website to this article.


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How To Clean White Gold Quick and Easy

Most people still prefer yellow gold over white gold. However, white gold is rapidly growing in popularity, because it looks more modern. Since white gold uses other alloys such as silver and nickel to achieve its unique color, it often needs cleaning. Below are a few simple steps for people who want to know how to clean white gold.

How to Clean White Gold: Step One

The first step to cleaning any type of jewelry or precious metal is to give it a thorough, close examination. You will want to keep an eye out for any damaged prongs, loose stones, and other similar issues. If you find any problems, then it is advised that you take the white gold to a professional jeweler, as an unprofessional performing the cleaning process on a damaged jewelry can cause even more damage to it.

How to Clean White Gold: Step Two

Make your cleaning solution. You may find white gold cleaning solutions in your local stores. However, it is usually unnecessary to buy a cleaning solution, as making one yourself is extremely simple. To make a cleaning solution: mix one qt. of warm water with one tsp. of dish soap in a bowl. Mix until you start to see bubbles. Once the solution is properly mixed, place the white gold into the bowl filled with the cleaning solution and let it sit for around 15 minutes.

How to Clean White Gold: Step Three

The third step involves removing the dirt on the white gold with an old and soft bristled toothbrush. You can use water and baking soda to get into the fine lines and crevices. You can also utilize plain baking soda toothpaste. Be careful when you are using a toothbrush, as you can create scratches on the white gold if you brush it too hard.

How to Clean White Gold: Step Four

Rinse the white gold with warm water. It is advised to rinse the white gold thoroughly so all the baking soda and detergent is removed. Any soap or soda left on the white gold can make it look dull. Furthermore, it is advised to use a plastic strainer with small holes to wash your white gold, especially if you are worried about dropping your white gold.

How to Clean White Gold: Step Five

The final step involves drying and polishing the white gold. Use a soft towel and gently dry the white gold. Once it is properly dried, use a jewelry cloth to polish the white gold. You can use an alternative to the jewelry cloth, which is a lint-free cloth that is also safe to use on electronics. This type of cloth is specifically designed to not scratch fine surfaces. However, it is still recommended to not rub too hard, as even lint-free cloth can create scratches on white gold.

Cleaning your white gold is rewarding, as it will make the white gold look a good deal more attractive. If your cleaning results do not satisfy you, then try buying an expensive jewelry cleaning solution. However, if it your white gold still looks dirty even after you used expensive cleaning solutions, then you may want to take your jewelry to a professional jeweler.

Matt blogs for Dakota Financial on a wide variety of topics including cash for gold and gold handling tips. Matt also blogs for other pawn shops around Oklahoma City on a wide variety of topics to help OKC residents before they make mistakes. Check out Dakota Financial’s site for tons of helpful info on gold buying and selling topics as well as important things to remember.

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