How to Reverse Gynecomastia

The effects of gynecomastia can actually be reversed if it has been detected early. Interventions can be done so the condition will not aggravate and it can be eliminated faster.

What a person or a concerned parent can do is to visit a physician right away. Some medical examinations can be done to determine if the accumulated fat in the chests is a genuine or pseudo gynecomastia. An X-ray of the soft tissue of the breast and a blood work where levels of testosterone can be seen will support the diagnosis of gynecomastia.

But the patient or the patient’s parents should not worry about gynecomastia surgery cost right away because there are different treatments for gynecomastia that will not involve surgery.

One way doctors determine what kind of treatment can be done is by checking on the list of medications that is being taken by the patient. It has been proven that some drugs like steroids may be the cause of gynecomastia. It will also be best if the patient will be honest and disclose information if he is using marijuana because it has been known to have properties that lowers the level of testosterone. So if medications and drugs is what cause the gynecomstia, then the simple stopping of the intake or smoking of this can alleviate the condition.

Doctors may also prescribe some breast cancer treatment medications to hasten the elimination of man boobs. Medication that contains raloxifene or tamoxifen is often prescribed as the most effective cure for gynecomastia.

However, if you are not sure about synthetic or chemical medications then there are natural supplements that claim to reduce the effects of gynecomastia. Just be sure to check with you physician first before taking them to avoid possible complications to happen.

Gynecomastia and plastic surgery costs are not always required to be in one sentence. Surgery should only be the last resort if diet, exercise and other treatments do not seem to work. It is a serious decision one has to make so be sure to gather all the information about the surgery so no feeling of regrets may occur after.

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